Friday, January 9, 2009

Corporation Documentation/ Basic History


Incorporated by Amari, Janet and Calderon, Bert, Bonzai Cycles, Inc.© is located at 5853 S Congress Ave Atlantis, FL 33462. Bonzai Cycles, Inc.© was incorporated on Monday, September 24, 1990 in the State of Florida and is currently not active. Calderon, Bert represents Bonzai Cycles, Inc.© as their registered agent.

This was how the new Bonzai Cycles, Inc.© began. Actually the original Bonzai© frames were made in 1975 and were made of chrome-moly tubing. They were very light, strong and were seen throughout the S. Florida Race Tracks during those early times of BMX beginnings. The company that created the original Bonzai© frames was called Gold Coast Sales, Inc. This company was owned and operated by Bert Calderon, the founder, designer and creator of Bonzai© Bmx bicycle frames and bicycles. Gold Coast Sales was a mfg. of Bmx frames, frame kits, and bicycle parts and accessories.

The owner, Bert Calderon sponsored numerous teams, helped hand build many tracks throughout S. Florida area including the following:

1. Bicycle Center of Florida track in N.Miami, Fl.

2. Lake Worth Ymca Track in W. Palm Beach, Fl.

3. North Palm Beach Ymca in N. Palm Beach, Fl.

4. Pompano Harness BMX Track in Pompano Bch., Fl.,

5. Okeheelee BMX Track in West Palm Beach, Fla.

6. Grand Prix Racerama BMX Track on St Rd 84 in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

Gold Coast was the largest distributor of BMX frames, Custom Bmx parts, and accessories in the State of Florida. They distributed the following Manufacturers items:

* Dan Gurney Eagle
* Competitor Cheetah
* Gold Coast Bonzai
* Moto Pro
* Matthews
* Ashtabula
* Moto Pro Mags Aluminum
* Windsor Bicycles
* Campagnolo
* Shimano
* Tuff wheels
* Aero Clothing
* Modullo Clothing
* Cook Bros. Racing
* J and G Engineering
* St. Tropez Bicycles
* Dorsey Cycles
* Araya Alloy rims
* plus many more......

Also founder of Chainwheel Drive of Lantana©, West Palm Beach©, North Palm Beach©, Pompano Beach Bicycle Retail Stores and Mail Order Shop.

Also sponsor of 5 BMX Racing tracks, National and Store BMX racing teams as well as very competitive road racing and track teams and cosponsored teams all around the USA, Australia, and England.

This blog will give you the real story right from the source.

Close affiliations with the Essers, founders of NBL, MCS Bicycles and more.......

Keep up with the blog as the stories evolve. We invite pictures and input from avid BMX fans who are still out there from the day!!

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