Monday, January 12, 2009

Bonzai Cycles© - Not just a company !

Bonzai Cycles, Inc.© was not only a manufacturer of BMX frames and bikes. We lived, breathed, slept and ate BMX racing. We had both a factory and a national team that went to nearly every NBL National Race during our era. We also appeared at numerous ABA race tracks around the country. With our energy and rider oriented designs we took local riders that were average in skills and performance and turned many into Number 1 thru 5 Experts Nationally in their respective divisions. Many of our rider's pictures appeared in the NBL Newspaper, Cycles Today, in BMX Plus, BMX Action Mag, and many others.

Bonzai© was more than a company. It was our lifestyle. If we weren't at a track, on our way to a race, filling orders, or in our store, we were testing, designing, riding, maintaining bikes and/or tracks. Our Bonzai© team was a family of BMXer's that loved the racing scene, loved BMX, loved Bonzai Cycles©, and was totally involved in our evolution and growth.

The Owner and Founder of Bonzai©, Bert Calderon used to say that "we pack more than a bike in each Bonzai© frame placed in a box. We pack love and a winning attitude". That is what brought our riders blessings, attitudes and winners trophies a plenty.

Our factory team was guided by the owner Bert Calderon and run by our team captain, renowned racer, Chris Fredericks, assisted by his co captain Donny Fredericks. They led our team to many winners circles at many races as well as national acclaim for excellence in products and team organization. Some of our other key riders were Raymond Amari, Jay Briggs, Elizabeth Calderon, Kristy Calderon, Pete Bruno, Bo Kussler, Mikey Fredericks, Jonathan Card, Daryl Daniels, Percy Forbing(our #1 Expert Cruiser class rider), Andrew Presland and Dad, Mr. Peter Presland (older than dirt), Ryan and our two Pro riders, John Purse and Terry Tenette,(who rode a custom Bonzai© for approximately two years while sponsored by Vans.) There were a number of other riders who deserve credit for being there in support of our team as well as having raced for us. We honor all our Bonzai© riders for their determination, helpful attitude, honor in abiding by sanction body rules and regulations, their competitiveness, and their willingness to be team players.

We all had some very exciting moments cheering each other on at the tracks, partying as a group, traveling from state to state on weekends, and all working towards a common goal. That is how we build a company without having a great deal of capital. All the money in the world can't buy you that respect you earn by doing it on your own successfully, nor can it buy you the allegiance, gumption and willpower to believe in something so bad that you will give it all you got to bring it to success.

I feel that as a team and a company we accomplished that goal without trying to buy it. Our profits went right back into improving our products, helping kids, sponsoring tracks, and sponsoring riders.

We thank all of you for taking the time to read this information and feel where we are coming from. B O N Z A I © !!

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