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Sep 2 2008, 07:34 PM bmxerpete

These are the bikes I actually raced, in order as best as I can remember-

Schwinn Stingray with heavy duty Femco rims and box bars
DG Racer kit bike w/ Tuffs
MCS Z-1 w/ MCS forks, stem, Redline V bars, Arayas w/ Sunshine hubs, Takagi 1 pc. cranks
MCS Magnum w/ all the parts from the Z-1
Thruster Tim Judge Replica w/ Thruster forks, Pro Neck, Thruster bars, Arayas w/ Bullseye hubs, Suntour Road Vx cranks (semi sponsorship)
National Pro w/ Nat. Pro forks, Pro Neck, wheels, cranks and bars from Thruster (semi sponsorship)
MCS Magnum w/ MCS forks, bars, stem, Arayas w/ Bullseye hubs, back to Takagi chromoly 1 pc. 180s
SE JU-6 w/ MCS forks and wheels, etc. from Magnum
GT Pro w/ GT forks and parts from JU-6
GJS w/ GJS forks and parts from GT (rode this for about a week- way too long for me)
MCS Magnum w/ all MCS parts, Arayas w/ Bullseyes (sponsorship)
Cycle Craft 20 & 24 w/ all CC parts, Arayas w/ Bullseyes- 20 & Campys- 24 (semi sponsorship)


Bonzai© 20 & 24 w/ MCS forks, Cooks cranks, Arayas w/ Campys (sponsorship)

Iron Horse ARS 20 w/ Iron Horse parts (sponsorship)
Road Kill Rigor Mortis 20 w/ prototype Answer forks, Clayborn stem, Road Kill bars, GT Pro Series 3 pc. cranks, Sun BFRs
Fabweld 20 & 24 w/ all Fabweld parts, Cane Creek headsets, brakes, Alex rims w/ Shimano hubs (sponsorship)
Huffy Primus 24 w/ Slim Frameworks carbon forks, Fabweld parts
Standard 125R 20 w/ Standard forks, DK stem, Road Kill bars, Fabweld cranks, Odyssey Hazards w/ Profile hubs
FMF Pro Cruiser w/ Answer forks, CNC stem, S&M bars, Fabweld cranks, Sun Ringle wheels
Road Kill Pro 20 w/ Standard forks, DK stem, Road Kill bars, Fabweld cranks, Odyssey Hazard Lites w/ Profile hubs
SE Floval Flyer...haven't finished building it yet!

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