Friday, January 9, 2009

1982 Pro Bonzai© 24" Cruiser

1982 Pro Bonzai© 24"


Found under a pile of junk bikes at a junk shop. Rusty, unloved but complete and straight. B/B is stamped TANGE JAPAN, With different stickers you would call it a Kuwahara

All I have done to this is re-grease the bearings, change the tires, adjust the brakes and spend about 6 hours cleaning and polishing it. (I gotta do some better pics - it looks really dull there)

Araya shiny sides with Suzue high flange
Sugino 44 chain ring
Sugino 175 1pc crank (stamped 81)
Suntour seat clamp
Dia-compe mx 1000 brakes with Weineman semi-automatic brake adjustors (I love those things...)
SR stem and pedals
Look like Kos bars

My daily rider, and it will stay as that cos it would want to be something pretty darn nice to take over from this.....

Submitted by frittyclose (3 bikes in museum)

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